Therapist faces her Creature by Jelly Roll

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Creature by Jelly Roll to discuss how slaying the monster INSIDE of us makes all of the monsters on the OUTSIDE less scary. The song shows that once you work with and overcome the monster inside you can become friends with the monsters on the outside.


I definitely would recommend Jelly Roll and Joyner Lucas ‘Best for Me’.

This is my favorite Jelly song. You are right about fighting the demon within and how it will be the hardest fight we have to endure.

Going to sleep every night wishing I don’t wake up the next day. That’s how my days end each and every day.

Hi there my favorite therapist. I hope ur day is going wonderful. So my 9th sober birthday is gonna be here soon. The 28th to be exact. And as I’ve asked before can u please react to Fear Campaign by my favorite metal band Fear Factory. Fear is a big deal to all of us whether it be outside fears or internal fears. I thinks it’s a good one. Thanks as always

Sometimes You’re The Hammer Sometimes You’re The Nail A Day To Remember please

I check out tech 9 Red nose

Day 6 requesting 1x1 by Bring Me The Horizon

Tech N9ne is so good you should do a video of him

At this point in my life , it doesn’t really matter what genre an artist is as long as it speaks to my soul.

I love Jelly Roll !..

Could you do The Gift by Seether?

Please react to While She sleeps- To the flowers…. It’s absolutely amazing brilliant song, the video is so heartbreaking everything is ahhhh… you wont regret it…

Would love to see you do some songs from Whitechapel’s album The Valley (to start with). From wiki “The Valley is a concept album based on vocalist and writer Phil Bozeman’s childhood; the title is a reference to Hardin Valley, Tennessee, where Bozeman grew up. His father, Michael Gary Bozeman, passed away in 1995 when Phil was ten, while his mother struggled with alcoholism and schizophrenia, “When a Demon Defiles a Witch” is an interpretation of one of her visions she wrote down in a journal entry. She eventually remarried, but Bozeman’s step-father turned out to be abusive towards both of them: Bozeman has called him a “predator” and holds him responsible for introducing his mother to crack cocaine, which lead to her eventual death via drug overdose.”

Definitely would need to start with When a Demon Defiles A Witch.

Man I am just making progress daily I was able to find the courage to finally tell my abusive ex gf that I was done with her and I am picking myself for the first time in my life and I was able to get the point across without being vindictive and hurtful and she read it cause it tells me whenever someone reads the texts I sent and had zero response for once. She had called me and tried her typical tactics and I took a deep breath prior to answering and reminded myself that I am amazing and I don’t deserve her negativity in my life and as soon as she went into her typical tactics that usually scare me into giving her what she wants I just put the phone on my bed face down and looked out the window and kept doing deep breathing and positive affirmations to myself and she hung up at some point and then I composed myself and sent her a text message that acknowledged my part of the toxic relationship but that I grew up because I was tired of being mistreated and not appreciated and I was choosing myself for once over her and I don’t want anything to do with her and I don’t need her anymore but I do wish her the best and that she looks in her mirror and realizes the reason why nobody is with her is because of her not anyone else. And told her good luck with everything

You gotta go juice wrld empty

This video just made me cry soo hard! I am in a lot of pain and think about ending my life constantly. I did a Jelly Roll ‘Save Me’ cover and I just could not sing it without crying. The Devil by Phix actually kept me from committing suicide one night. I wish nobody ever felt this way. It’s horrible.

Please, please go down the jelly. Roll rabbit hole. This man with his music alone has saved myself and many people. The man has a beautiful soul. And beautiful words

Watching this makes me think you’d enjoy Tom MacDonald’s Fighter or Castles. Great reaction!

Dig the glasses…