Therapist goes to a Therapy Session by NF

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Therapy Session by NF to discuss how a vital part of therapy is honest expression and the ways in which we can use this song to actually invite that honesty into our own lives. There are often things that need to be expressed that we have a hard time saying, but NF is brave and we can be too.

Good song…

You shouod rewct to Nf featuring cordea “carefull”

Type o negative, Anesthesia
Jerry Cantrell, feel the void

This man has been on repeat since I saw Taylor’s first reaction. I had no clue who he was, now I can’t stop lol.

I cannot wait for you to finish this journey. I’ve been watching since your first NF reaction. I like to call him a cinematic rapper. Every song gives you some feels.

Ngl u have fire nf reactions keep it up

I can feel his emotions dam
You should react too disturbed already gone you love that so much too

Nf is truthfully the reason im still alive and kicking because in this lonely world he makes me feel like I’m being heard I’ve listened to him since I was like 13 I’m soon to be 19

see him live- - its astoundingly good

This is made my day like really I appreciate it

The song NATE was an actual therapy assignment given to him

Love your reaction videos. I think you should give Intro 3 and Remember This a try!

The moments her jaw drops, I love these reactions lmao

Your reactions to NF have me hungry for more, and i’d love to see you check out songs from my favorite artist of 10 years. EDEN, some songs i’m sure you’ll be able to break apart are:
Rock n’ Roll
Falling In Reverse
Your content is amazing as always :relieved:

Appreciate you!..

This is genuinely turning into one of my favourite channels due to the content and your reactions.

I’d like to recommend “Poet and the Pendulum” live at Wembley by Nightwish. It is not the normal song people start with when it comes to Nightwish, however it is the song that suits this channel the most as it deals with depression and struggle. It was written by Nightwish’s song writer the keyboardist Tuomas during the hardest time in the bands history and he basically ended his life in the song to stop himself doing it in real life, however the new song finishes positively with a new beginning. It is one of the best written pieces of music you will come across and is broken into Acts. I won’t say more about it.

Nightwish hold the record for most reacted song in YouTube history with “Ghost Love Score” (normally what people start their Nightwish journey with. However, as previously mentioned, “Poet” suits this channel perfectly, especially if the research is done on the songs meaning beforehand.

:fire::fire::fire: You are amazing!..

wait until you get to Intro III - He is in a verbal battle with FEAR! You get to hear the song from FEAR’S perspective…crazy…

yes Nate should be your next song! TY for thus reaction we’ll be waiting for your next NF song reactions!!