Therapist reacts to a 45 by Shinedown

With the verse in this song “send a message to the unborn child. Keep your eyes open for awhile” i always assumed that 45 was reference to a .45 syringe not a gun … i honestly always thought this song was about addiction

I’m living this song…

Anyone want to address the elephant in the video…? That his girlfriend had an abortion and he can’t deal with the guilt?

If you liked this then i would suggest Against my better judgment by ¡MAYDAY!

I’m sure you’ve probably heard it, but Hate Me by Blue October is such a strong song as well… but if not it’s a great song to review here that I fully recommend :smiling_face:

Beautiful reaction to a depressing song. Truly depressing. :'> At the end, I don’t believe it’s, “I’m angry!” I think it’s just… Reconciliation and realizing you’re done. His voice is raised in accusation, but he already knows he won’t be around long enough for it to matter. It’s a last cry for help that won’t be answered. The whole song escalates in tone from chorus to chorus. I think that being trapped in it isn’t so bad. It’s letting it become normalized which is a worse problem.

This song hits hard to me. In 2016 my sister committed suicide by parking on train tracks. I has to watch the video of it from train to verify her. That killed me inside and I’ve never been the same. She did it less than 100 yards from my house. Will never understand why she didnt come to me. She was parked by train tracks for 2 hours Fast Fast forward to February of 2023. Im from East Palestine Ohio. The Norfolk southern train derailment happened. It was literally in my backyard. Bad enough I have ptsd from trains with my sister and having the guilt from not being able to save her. In this past year the train derailment has made my life a living hell. I’ve got so many health problems directly from all the chemicals that will linger fir the next 20 years. I lost my 7 year old Rottweiler from derailment. Exactly 1 year of accident. The chemicals we are exposed to caused him to have aggressive bone cancer. I couldn’t save him either. While I wait on Norfolk Southern to buy me out and relocate me I’m still here closer and closer to my own fate from the long lasting exposure of all the chemicals all I can do is dwell on how shity things are. 45 is on constant play with me.

I want to hear her thoughts on “Red Water” by Rehab

Shinedown has been my favorite band, since Leave a Whisper dropped. Go down a rabbit hole. You will find truly great rock songs.

The sign of relief at the end of the song gets me every time. I work in mental health and am working toward my MSW to be an addiction counselor for people with severe mental illness and am so excited to find your channel. This is great!

sorry need to go touch grass

Shinedown is a favourite band in my house, however you think this hit hard go down the rabbit hole of Citizen Soldier the lyrics of thier songs have had me in tears so so many times and I’m 54.

I like to believe that shine down. Followed me through the worst years of my life & wrote every word for word. Saved me

Wait in the truck by Hardy
Alyssa Lies by Jason Micheal Carrol
Analyze these two without emotional crime

I talked my friend down one night.
The next day I got into my truck and I heard this song for the first time, it scared the hell out of me.
The next day after that my friend had their 3rd attempt.

If this get’s you you might want to go east if you do Sleep Token’s Are You Really Ok. That one is ruff

I would love to see her do Bullet by Hollywood undead

Monsters is another from Shinedown that hits hard

It’s amazing how this band evolved and changed over the years this band really can make you feel something, absolutely incredible live as well

Please react to I’m not okay by Citizen Soldier