Therapist Reacts to Daddy By Korn

JD and his music is the reason im still here today, i was bullied RELENTLESSLY and a kid/teen and i turned to Korn for my outlet and found so much comfort in their music, even today, at 38 years old it still gives me that same comfort and reassurance that it will be ok

This exact thing didn’t happen to me but I relate to that breakdown and the passion and anger you feel about abuse in other ways

I ain’t gonna lie, this song is beyond what words can even explain.

i really like how you get straight to the point and really feel the song :slight_smile:

She needs to check out $ucideboy$ chrome cowboy

teared up just like i did in 98’

“It’s alright”

This hurt…

I’ve been listening to Korn for over 25 years, and when I hear this song, tears start to flow again and again. Anyone who has had an abusive father can also recall it, in a different way…

I’ve never watched your channel, but I saw that you did this song. It’s an important song and John Davis is a beautiful soul. I really appreciate you taking this for what it is, and the words you had to say. This song hits deep every time. Have a wonderful weekend. Keep putting out that healing Good energy I love it.

4:32 I interpret that as the disturbed mind of the abuser and the anger of the victim. Idk im a survivor. I can stomach it but it definitely scrapes across my soul. It just hits a familiar chord

I’d be the opposite. I’d jump right into confrontation mode ready to investigate and fight for and protect my child.

You don’t bang your head to this one

Otep had 2 songs about it on their debut…well one song and one outro track

Never forget Chester sacrificed himself to Jay Z

Considering that you are impressed by how raw this is: Is there any chance you are gonna react to “saetia - venus bacchus”
It isn’t the same but it gets close to being this raw.

This song saved my life many times over. Needless to say I had a tormented childhood. I don’t need this song any more, but I hope it can save someone else who feels as alone as I felt then.

When I was eight years old my dad threw me at the wall for not getting ready for school on time.

When this was recorded, he told them to keep recording, and that’s why the end is so git wrenchingly upsetting. While recording, his band members were worried about him. When he was done, they came in to support him, because it was that bad.

This song still to this day always brings tears to my eyes.
I’ll listen to shoots and ladders all day long but this? Naw. I cant.