Therapist Reacts to Mansion by NF

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Mansion by NF to talk about the danger of not letting anyone into your mansion, it leads to decay and invites individuals to use the song as inspiration to reach out, to let fear out the front door, and invite others to come in.

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WHOO! I was waiting for your reaction to this NF song!

When I first heard him, I had just gotten clean and sober and listened to him all day every day.

NF family missed you!..

I relate to everyone of NF’s songs

I am loving your reactions and viewpoint on NF and Ren

Ooooo we are so close to How Could You Leave Us :tired_face:

Oh my lady, what a rollercoaster ride have ahead of u but remember this part for intro 3… love ur NF reactions :blush:

Intro 3 HAS to be next!!!

I love all your reactions and how you explain it for people who dont fully understand it. NF speaks to the masses of people with mental illness. I think you’d love the lyricism in How Could You Leave Us. But be prepared with tissues.

i cant wait for you to get to hope to see where nate is now, hes a damn inspiration!!

Great reaction!!!..

missed you!!..

I love your reaction, a song I think you should react to if you haven’t heard it is beautiful by eminem.

Easily one of his top 3 songs all time

How could you leave us - nf pleeeeeeeaaaassse

Let’s gooooo!:heart:

This is the beginning of the NF journey, you have to go in order now lol. It’s worth it.

More songs that relate to his mansion is intro 2, how could you leave us, Outro, intro 3, outcast

All amazing songs

yes! mansion finally!..