Therapist Reacts to Nate by NF

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Nate by NF to discuss the value of witnessing the pain of our inner child. So often we feel like we have to fix or solve, but this song points to a truth that often what our hurt inner child needs is a witness!


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Love your heartfelt reactions to Nate and the contagious enthusiasm during each song.

I think it’s poignant that instead of trying to avoid the trauma and hardships that he knows is coming, like most stories revolving around “time travel,” he’s simply wanting to supply a level of preparedness and wisdom to his younger self, so that just maybe (just maybe) he won’t take things quite as hard as he did in his original reality. The question I ponder is this, With this seemingly small level of foreshadowing, he still can’t be sure whether his “self heads-up” will have the desired effect or completely derail where he ends up. Will the rest of his decisions be subject to " the butterfly effect?" Hmmm?

as a therapist…you seriously need to go down the Twenty One Pilots journey. NF is inspired by TOP…they talk about mental health and he created a fictional world in his mind (like Mansion)

SO happy you finally did this song, can’t wait for more. You’ll love Hate Myself, Only, and Running.

Let Me Go next plsssss it’s such a good song (talking to/about his balloons controlling him, the balloons echo in the background at parts of the song). It’s rly depressing but gives you a good idea of what went on in his mind before he let go of his balloons and shopping cart in hope!
Edit: OR DO JUST LIKE YOU!!! It helped me so much and it would be so nice if you could do that one too

Always enjoy the NF reactions.

Hate myself for the next one

Yes finally more NF…

Nf - let you down please. Wait for the last second of the video. Changes the whole meaning. I’ve been thinking about it since I saw the video and I can’t figure it out

Yaasss pls pin!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: I was your first view!! And comment

If you do hate myself interlude is a 30 second clip that leads into the song

YEAAHHH more NF finally!.

I miss the days is my favorite beautiful song choir vibes and change is a powerful song

Love this song! Great reaction! I’d try to go through all the songs in order! Amazing story.

Please do My Stress or Hate Myself next

Taylor, you’re a gift. Thank you for all you do!
P.S. super random side note: those nails are therapy.

Interlude and Hate Myself next please.

Definitely my favorite NF song. Hits home. Good reaction. Thanks

Outcast NF pleeeeeeeeeeaassssse

Thank you for doing this song.