Therapist Reacts to Richard's Tale (inspired by Ren)

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After being so inspired by the Trilogy of Jenny and Screech by Ren, the team at HeartSupport wanted to do something special and create an addition to the incredible story. We had the idea to expand on the 20-second clip of “Call For Back Up” So we invited the talented Levi The Poet to write a spoken word poem expanding on Richard’s Tale. We know it might not have included all the correct lore, or be exactly what Ren intended, but we hope you enjoy our take. Thanks for all of your support. And if you’re struggling please use the comments as a place to Call For Backup by tagging @heartsupport.

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This is genuinely turning into one of my favourite channels due to the content and your reactions.

I’d like to recommend “Poet and the Pendulum” live at Wembley by Nightwish. It is not the normal song people start with when it comes to Nightwish, however it is the song that suits this channel the most as it deals with depression and struggle. It was written by Nightwish’s song writer the keyboardist Tuomas during the hardest time in the bands history and he basically ended his life in the song to stop himself doing it in real life, however the new song finishes positively with a new beginning. It is one of the best written pieces of music you will come across and is broken into Acts. I won’t say more about it.

Nightwish hold the record for most reacted song in YouTube history with “Ghost Love Score” (normally what people start their Nightwish journey with. However, as previously mentioned, “Poet” suits this channel perfectly, especially if the research is done on the songs meaning beforehand.

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Early gang🤩…

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I do believe ren has a song about the policeman

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I admit…I was sceptical…but this was incredible. Very worthy of the tales.

It was good from the start…and then there was the moment when he said the name Patrick was stuck with him and I felt awkward, that he’d made a mistake - and then like you, I realised it was Screech calling for his friend, calling for someone…and I was in tears, and they didn’t stop to the end.

Definitely worthy - I hope Ren finds this!

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Shared on fb in rens rabbit hole fans! Love watching your reactions Taylor :heart:

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Monsters Shinedown…

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My boy Levi doing what Levi do!

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Can u please react to “Through the storm” by Polo g or “Lean with me” by juice wrld

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You NEED to react to Death squad atnhem or destroyer of dreams by Thy Art Is Murder, those two song are nececary

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I am in awe. Like utter awe. This is amazing. So fucking amazing.

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more nf/ren videos now please

Amazing! Really hope Ren sees this :heart: Havr you seen Rens “Chapter” 1-7? It’s about the loss of Joe, Mackay and his journey through sickness and pain. I really think you’d like them.

@renmakesmusic watch this!!!

That absolutely shredded me. I’m literally sitting here in floods at how powerfully that was written, how powerfully it was delivered and how empathically considered it was told. Definitely worthy of the vice versas that Ren writes.

I’ve been struggling with my mental health recently, so I joined a recently started, local Men’s wellbeing group. The organisation that runs it has been going for five years in the county of Cornwall in the UK. They have several groups running in multiple towns throughout the week. It’s a very rural county and has the second or third highest male suicide rate in the UK.

I joined my group in week two a few weeks ago. It has definitely helped me, even if it’s just an outlet to vent rather than to epiphanise. My local group is actually run by the founder of the organisation who set it up because he had serious problems with his own mental wellbeing, but there was literally zero facilities for Men to get any type of help with wellbeing.

After the last session he messaged me in the group app and asked if I would come onboard with the team, and facilitate my local group because of the interactions and insight within the meetings.
I hadn’t thought I would be onboard with doing it, as I felt it may very well impact myself further. But, listening to what Levi has written here (yes, I know it’s fictional) has only shown me that my point of view was purely a selfish one and that it’s the easy, comfy choice to take on my behalf.

It made me realise that perhaps dealing with other people’s struggles will help me address my own more easily, because looking at their problems objectively, intelligently, understandingly, compassionately and empathetically - may allow me to do the same with mine?

Listening to you and Levi has probably crystallised the conclusion that this is the route I should be taking moving forward.

So I will be watching with great interest all future posts from yourself and this channel and hopefully be able to apply the knowledge you have to the journeys that my fellow group members are travelling on.

Thank-you, from the bottom of my soul, Thank-you both.

I’m apathetic and lost. The world made me this way. Its brutally sad that connections with anything truly truthful is lost in the ether…
Just a thought of my silly mind. React to -
Amigo the devil - Hell and you
Benjamin Tod - using again
Arlo Mckinley - bag of pills
Goodnight texas - hypothermic
Frightened rabbit- die like a rich boy

Do you. :tada:
I apologise in advance

Here was my attempt at Richard’s Tale. On the Ren rabbit hole fans fb page, we were asked to give our version of what Richard’s Tale might sound like.

Richard’s Tale

Richard was an officer who stood at 6 foot three
He worked 19 years on the police force
Eating donuts, sipping tea
Working on the late shift at night
He often stopped for food to eat
He was tired from having to work
Every night that week
He was a month away from retirement
But couldn’t make ends meet
He’d gambled away his money
Stuck on a losing streak
He went home to an empty house
Where he drank in self defeat
His wife had left him years ago
Through his lying and deceit
One night towards the very end
Of his shift along his beat
He witnessed some commotion
Down the alley off the street
He walked over to investigate
He was quite and discrete
It was there he found poor Jenny
On the ground beside his feet
She’d been slashed to death by a blade
Like a butchered piece of meat
Richard reported in the incident
Told them to bring the whole damn fleet
There was a killer that was on the loose
Amidst the snow and sleet
There was a pounding inside Richard’s chest
Besides his own heartbeat
And as he waited for the cavalry
The sweat poured down his cheek
He was overcome with valid fear
Shocked in disbelief
It was at that time a voice rang out
By someone claiming to be Screech!
Then before you know it
He was almost at arms reach
Richard fired four bullets for his safety
The target hit with each
Now there lie a boy of fourteen years
Richard was overcome with grief
It’s such a shame, there’s so much pain
Without comfort or relief
And to this day, the pain remains
And his hands shake like a leaf
And the only time he feels at peace
Is when he falls asleep

Please don’t forget about Nf please

Yeah, this was a beautifully crafted piece by a very talented empath who presented it so convincingly. Excellent. :pray:

Ha! I was like “wait, is that my buddy Levi?” and it was! This is awesome.