Therapist reacts to Slipknot "The Devil In I"

Fucking amazing song, and decent album overall, love the vid as well

Hell yeah my kinda therapist… my therapist listens to Slipknot too but u get into it… rock on girl :metal:

craig looks so goofy getting attacked by that doggo

You should really listen to Pantera. I would suggest hollow or cemetery gates

Everyone knows she’s currently downloading every 80/90/2000 metal album ever made :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

React to jeckle and Hyde five finger death pinch


Wow you are spot on with this BRAVO Cory said this song was about facing your fears supposed to be each membbers fears in the video

Great break down if the song, but just pause it and talk about it

From :fearful: to :metal:

to me metal was always Therapy much like working out,every one has there demons that haunt them and music is a way of dealing with pain and other things.

ooh i kinda wants- i mean needs… needs you as my therapist. totally need. its important. you seem chill. relaxed. its needed in that kind of work :slight_smile:

pause then talk over it please :cry:

I just found you.
Feel saved , you made me go deep into my self and listen again to music that supported me so much.

I really like how you enjoy and express yourself dancing and enjoy the music as well.

This is some of the best stuff I’ve seen a long time on YouTube. Keep it up :heart:

4:50 or embrace it like I do :stuck_out_tongue:

Reads title

“Oh sh*t…”

Shawn the clown was the producer and he asked each member what would the scariest way to die and he recteated that for the video

Also they wear there old mask to resembles there new rebirth and kill old self. And Alex also introduced from this song

“you should have burned when you turned on everyone” still gives me chills

Some Demons are real…

Please do a reaction to Corey Taylor and tech nine wither