Therapist reacts to Stinkfist by Tool

Her desperate tries to catch the rythm are hilarious :joy: like

You’d do better with lyrics.
The videos are kinda separate, but then they do… coalesce.
That’s art.
This. Is . Art.
The axe for the frozen sea within you (Nabakov? No- Tolstoy… not sure- maybe Neitzche?)
It’s a comfort nevertheless.
When you’ve already dived into the abyss…
There is no other sound…
(But then again… used to c*t to this too- but that’s the abyss for you…)
Mental pain invites the physical.
Or so it’s been for me…
“Elbow deep within the borderline… relax… and take my hand…”
It’s an offer for help, too- “take my hand”?
Open minds and communication, why can’t we read between the lines?

If you’re a real therapist im sure you heard real worse stuff

The Song was released in 1993. AOL messenger didn’t kick til ‘97.
Social media wasn’t a thing.

Could you please, please, please analyze DREDG - INFORMATION!! Thank you for sharing and teaching through your knowledge! Understanding Heals!

Childbirth is a frequent esoteric topic in Maynard’s lyrics/videos. I was quickly reminded of that when I saw the nails coming out the belly button, what looks like umbilical cord, lack of hair, naked, etc. Obviously not the entire meaning of his music but it seems to pop up everywhere over the years of his career

I’m grateful for the therapy session… thank you, ma’am.

Sitting here alone in the dark drinking bourbon and 2 40oz budw… smoking a whole pack of cigs.

Thank you❤

The artist responsible for the video have different views on reality. It is simply just the best tool could find at the time. Try to review this song with just the lyrics. No cinematography…

this song is how a child was raped and abused and groomed. the conformity and avoidance-acceptance follows.

Id love to see your analysis of "Lost keys and Rosetta Stoned" 😊😉👍 (as a Tool fan since 1993 I think your analysis of these Tool songs are wery impresive, and Ive got some new lines o f thoughts on several of them)

Tool - sober (find the live version)

I’ve always equated the meaning of this song to substance abuse, specifically heroin. That being said, I’m just a simple soul.

I’ve been listening to Tool for years and I thought I was entirely alone in this level of resonance with Maynard’s lyrics. Now, I don’t have a degree, but I’m thoroughly impressed with your ability to feel and understand the depth of Tool’s music on the first listen. I just subscribed. You’ve opened up a whole new level of depth for me when I didn’t realize it could get any deeper. Please, keep doing what you do.

Since you like progressive rock/metal I highly highly highly suggest checking out any song from Circa Survive’s second album On Letting Go. It’s a concept album about eliminating pain. Circa is one of if not the most underrated rock band ever.

In one way or another, it’s about desensitization. It uses the sexual act of “fisting” as a metaphor (“turn around and take my hand”
'… “finger/elbow/shoulder
deep in the borderline”… “this may hurt a little but it’s something you’ll get used to”… etc.). Google stop the fail

Videos only serve to confuse the point… Only audio work better :+1:t2:

Manard isn’t a celebrity here. He is just the wine maker

If I remember correctly it’s about his friend (or him) sinking further into addiction. The metaphor of the fist being shocking to get you to pay attention. The chorus changes slightly as the addiction gets worse. Finger deep, knuckle deep, elbow deep: Parties, fun, junkie. As a recovering addict I interpret the guy in the video as the addict, when he puts the part of the growth back into the jar that’s when he’s in the party stage, finger deep, then by the end when he can’t keep it under control, he has become a junkie, elbow deep. Acceptance is the first step to recovery

Just want you to know I’ve been crying for like an hour listening to you react to Tool. Also laughing my ass off at the faces you make while watching the videos haha. I’ve been a fan of Tool for a quarter century and as a combat vet and an addict of many kinds it really helps me to listen deeper into these songs. As much as I loved them as a kid now I understand them and I r really appreciate you taking the time to analyze this art.

Tool is my soul music. Im n b ever closer to.god.