Therapist Reacts to The Outsider by A Perfect Circle

MJK… today’s most influential heyoka… embrace his efforts to help you see the foundations that your parents didn’t care enough to teach.

So yeah…Nobody is going to say that this song and video are sequels of a song called “Thinking of you”. Which is one of the funniest music videos ever made.

The music video for this is just absolute shit. It distracts from all the great moments in the actual song.

A Perfect Circle is my favorite band and this is a great song, but I have never liked its paring with the music video, which feels more suited to Puscifer. Which makes sense considering Maynard started that side project the year this song came out.

Have you heard “Pet,” yet?

I am watching this in real time play out in someone I love.

I believe this song is about of a friend (Outsider) seeing a friend or someone close being suicidal.

Massive tool fan. Maynard makes me teel things no other male or female (singer does). He is the most organic, story teller, singer i will ever hear. A real piece of art. I heard this song after i stopped drinking, 1 week later. And i cried constantly during the song. I almost started drinking again, but after i heard this song i felt stronger than ever. Alcohol wont take me over, ever and i mean ever again.

So for me Maynard was the outsider, regarding my alcoholic problem then.

Best way to listen to maynard.1 listen to song 2 listen to song with lyrics 3 watch the video

Just discovered this YT channel. Omg this idea is sooo amazing! I love it!

The noose from this álbum!

Y is the boy scout Canadian :joy:

Can you Do a video for “kindred” by a perfect circle. i think people need to be aware of that song. your awesome.

Oh man the Bikini Bandits!!! I have this DVD. It’s priceless lol

I love the Grindhouse aesthetic but I feel like this video was a misstep and a disservice to the message.

Blue October…

React to Weak and Powerless by APC.