Therapist want to be Happy. By NF

When she blows out the candles I get chills every time… I am so excited I am going to see him next week in Hershey!!! :smiley: If anyone wants videos from the show let me know and I’ll send them :slight_smile: NF literally saved my life… that’s not even an exaggeration. I can relate to him so much and although I wouldn’t wish anyone to go through trauma like NF has it is the reason why his work is literally gold. It is so perfect. Love you all <3 I lost my fiancé to an overdose and I just really feel like listening to him is my first outlet that I’ve found… I can completely understand how feeling happy feels wrong… It’s almost like you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop and for something to go wrong and it’ feels wrong to feel happy without my girl. :cry: @HeartSupport - Music to Improve Your Mindset

This is my first time watching one of your videos and I wasn’t expecting to be analyzed through a video/song today and to cry a bit, I’m definitely watching more of your videos

This song hits to deep…

Idk who id be if I was happy hits hard for me…truth

Slowly falling in love with this channel and your reactions and responses to the lyrics. If you are looking for a good NF song to dissect I would love to see you take on Prideful or If You Want Love.

I can tell you’re a great therapist. You explained it better than I ever could about how this pain and misery is all someone knows, and even tho it’s painful it still feels safer for us because it’s all we know. The part you said what if we find happiness and then fall back into the misery, will it hurt even more than never having that happiness? You are amazing…thank you for putting it in such an easy way to understand. :heart::people_hugging:

This song, and your analysis of it provided clarity to a year plus of my declining mental health. A pervasive sense of failure has broken what was once a proud man, and admitting that only feeds that sense.

@heartsupport, thank you for the light I needed to outline this beast - I couldn’t fight the nebulous “blob” eating my soul.

At least now, I know what it is I need to overcome.

We are asking…

React to NF Nate…

This is one of my top NF songs and I have definitely related to this in my life. It becomes what you know. What else is there?

The point of this giant comment is just to share my experience, maybe help someone in the process with the “tools” i’ll share. Making that comment took a while as i tried to reflect on certain things in the process, tried to find the right words to express it etc, feel free to use this comment as a place to vent/share your experience and think, i’ll read all them. may the force be with y’all.

Been struggling with mental health for over a decade now, pisses me off honestly but like NF said in this music, “i feel more comfortable living in my agony”, “i just can’t imagine who i’d be if i was happy”… all this shit is scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

i’m currently re-listening to his whole library, taking notes and i’ll definitely quote NF on my next therapy session… the amount of time i’m unable to explain how i feel but NF explain it so … simply is really something that i hope will help my therapist give me more tools to work it out.

at the end of the song “don’t know what’s around the bend, don’t know what my future is, but i can’t keep on living in… living in my agony…” was really powerful, and in my case i feel like i’ve been struggling for so fucking long that giving up now would be too bad, i’m not suicidal anymore, or should i say it’s not a daily occurence now but a pretty rare one and even though i have no clue what’s gonna happen to me i try to take it one day at a time, trying to stop being so hard on myself and live in the present instead of living in a potential future that is living in my head.

one thing that my therapist said (today actually) is that everything we do is a choice we take, staying in bed, smoking, not doing shit the whole day etc, that even the “absence” of choice is a choice in and of itself.
That i need to be more mindful of this, that for instance everytime i’m lighting up a cigarette (before preferably) i need to take a step back and make a conscious decision as to whether or not i want/need that cigarette.

he also added that even if i end up chosing to smoke it, it’s fine because the point is to be in control of the decision instead of letting my habits take control mindlessly. taking a step back already helped me a bit (especially with smoking) as everytime i’m about to smoke i’m pausing and think “do i need it or do i put aside for later”. So far i did smoke 9/10 cigarettes when doing this test today, 1 cigarette put aside doesn’t seem like much but to me it’s a big step.

another advice he gave me was to “separate” certain aspect of myself into characters, i ended up with “overthinking”, “compulsive”, “want” and “need”. The goal being to stop “fighting” but have a conversation, for instance when overthinking kicks in, i try to bring “wants” or “need” to the table to balance what i want VS what i’m overthinking about.

one example would be:
Me: i need to go to the barber…
Overthinking: you don’t need to
Wants: I guess, but i want to feel clean… and it’s been a really long time.
Overthinking: but it cost money, you’ll have to be outside around other people which you hate, bla bla bla.
Wants: We have the money for stupid shit that Compulsive make us buy so stfu please, you don’t stop him when he spend hundreds of euros in a stupid game while we barely have any money do you?
Overthinking: yeah but you also enjoy it don’t you?
me: Yes at first but then i always regret it so…

It’s a legit conversation i had with myself a couple of days ago, i ended up going to the barber and it felt really good. it’s not something i do all the time yet i think it can be a great way to create a internal dialogue between our the different sides of our personality.

all that shit is hard and truthfully i feel like i’m only on the starting line because there is so many issues that i need to deal with (hygene, food, sleep, anxiety’s, motivation, discipline and so on), but if i look back to 10y ago, i feel like i made some decent progress.

it’s gonna be a long road, but at least it’s not a dead end anymore.

I relate to this song more than any other song I’ve listened to.