Lost by Bring Me The Horizon - Therapist Reacts

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Our very own Taylor is a therapist. She also loves all things metal music. So we thought let’s take both of those things and start a therapist reacts series!

In this video Taylor is reacting to the new song from Bring Me The Horizon called Lost.

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If you haven’t you DEFINETLY. Need to react Falling in reverse - The drug in me is You (Remaigined) this is the new, piano version. Will appreciate the lyrics, and the intensity.

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Did you miss the analogy in the " ees crescent moons all over my hands? That waa so cleverly put.nail marks in your hands after gripping your fists tight

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Trust me. We all felt his heart in this one.

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I love this- this is awesome hearing your analysis to the lyrics. I was always curious how a trained therapist would respond to some of these intense lyrics.

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Mfs be calling this a masterpeace and he said “my ego is not my amigo”

10:55 I think Oli also snuck that into the song so he could use it in/before/during an actual metal breakdown :wink:

Avalanche is another mental health song, btw, that Oli wrote about his ADHD diagnosis <3
Glad to know about others who have the same condition/struggles, but somehow came out better on the other side and able to better cope and have support etc.
Still hoping for that to happen someday. Here’s to me hopefully getting support and meds in June (been waiting 14 months for an appointment that got promised to me now).
I wish back then, they had had better meds (been off of them for 18 years now) since life is prett miserable nowadays. But enough oversharing (:

Anyways, great reaction, ty and keep up the good vibes :slight_smile:

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When I used to go to therapy, I was always worried that they’d try to section me; so I would often hold back. I think that a lot of people won’t go to therapy for that reason. The therapist can just snap their finger and send you to the crazy house against your will. I’ve heard some real horror stories. I think that therapists being able to do that hurts more than it helps.

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If you haven’t listened to falling in reverse, you should consider: Popular Monster, Voices in my head, watch the world burn

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Damn u cut the best part of video :laughing: