Therapist Reacts to Jinjer - Pisces

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Pisces by Jinjer to discuss the importance of accepting our internal duality. When we don’t accept our duality then we become a victim to it, but acceptance gives us power over it.

I like that laugh at 2:51

Lol Jinjer is ukrainian proggy djent groove metal with complex time-signature maze, polyrhythms and multi-genre blending. They are one of the most talented 4-pieces ever. Tati is one of the best overall metal vocalists and lyricists in the business.

Jinjer - Pisces (Live Session)
Jinjer - Perennial (Live At Wacken 2019)
Jinjer - Pit of Consciousness (Live in Kiev)
Jinjer - On The Top (Live in Kiev)
Jinjer - Who Is Gonna Be The One (Official Live)
Jinjer - Judgement & Punishment (Tatiana One Take Vocal)
Jinjer - Teacher Teacher (Official Video)
Jinjer - Captain Clock (Live at Resurrection Fest 2018)
Jinjer - Cloud Factory (Official Video)
Jinjer - Outlander (failure .color Video)
Jinjer - No Hoard of Value (Official Lyrics Video)
Jinjer - I Speak Astronomy (Official Video)
Jinjer - Vortex (Official Video)
Jinjer - Wallflower (Official Video)
Jinjer - Mediator (Official Video)
Jinjer - Disclosure (Official Video)
Jinjer - Call Me A Symbol (Official Video)
Jinjer - Live At Wacken 2023

Heck yeah! I hit refresh and this was 2 minutes old. Couldn’t click fast enough. Tati is beyond amazing. <3

You really need to listen to these metal songs though a pair of Heavys Headphones… it’s a totally different experience and I think you would love them. A bought a pair a month ago because I cannot make it to any shows this year and it has proved to be a great supplement for live music. Great reaction… I’ve been waiting for this one! P.S. Great Harley Quinn laugh! Tati is amazing!

This is genuinely turning into one of my favourite channels due to the content and your reactions.

I’d like to recommend “Poet and the Pendulum” live at Wembley by Nightwish. It is not the normal song people start with when it comes to Nightwish, however it is the song that suits this channel the most as it deals with depression and struggle. It was written by Nightwish’s song writer the keyboardist Tuomas during the hardest time in the bands history and he basically ended his life in the song to stop himself doing it in real life, however the new song finishes positively with a new beginning. It is one of the best written pieces of music you will come across and is broken into Acts. I won’t say more about it.

Nightwish hold the record for most reacted song in YouTube history with “Ghost Love Score” (normally what people start their Nightwish journey with. However, as previously mentioned, “Poet” suits this channel perfectly, especially if the research is done on the songs meaning beforehand.

I’d love to hear you break down Jinjer’s “Teacher Teacher”

Anyone else fall in love when she hit those power cords!? Oh my lanta

I love jinjer, the singer Tatiana did a song with P.O.D called afraid to die, and your reacting is great :+1:t3::+1:t3:

The look of "what did I just experience " when you see Pieces. One of their best songs and love how you interpret what the song is from a therapist’s point of view.

She is from Ukraine ! Glory to Ukraine !

We have to get her on some spiritbox one takes

Loved this reaction! I would be interested to see your take and interpretation on Lorna Shore “To The Hellfire.” If you do it, have the lyrics pulled up. No judgement. It’s a Deathcore song and can be hard to understand for unknowing listeners.

I’ve been waiting for you to go down the Jinjer rabbit hole! They are all amazing! Thank you and great reaction @heartsupport

Probably the best live band out there….incredible

I’m an old metalhead ( started at 15 '84) I get goosebumps every time I hear Jinjer. Saw them in '22 and got vanity plate of the band name ( JINJER)

I’m a Pisces lol 3/10 !!.

Hey I’m a Pisces! February 27th 1988! Lol. This song holds a special place in my heart. Btw I think you’ll like their song/music video “Home Back”, it’s my personal favorite Jinjer song

Hardcore as heck indeed. :joy:

Perennial might be another good song of them to react through from the lens of mental health. She has an amazing live performance here on youtube.