Therapist reacts to N/A by Bring Me The Horizon

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics to Bring Me The Horizon’s new song N/A to discuss how no one is unique in their wretchedness, all of us have horrible thoughts about ourselves, the world, etc, and this song invites us to name these thoughts in a place where we can actually heal from them.


9th sobriety birthday…lol. my typing sucks

Hello my favorite therapist in the whole wide world. Love the channel of course. I have my 8th sobriety birthday coming up on June 28th so I was wondering if u could please please react to my favorite metal band Fear Factory. The son is Fear Campaign. I know u would love it. Thank u so much and please keep up the great work

Count your blessings and Su*cide Season were the best albums. :heart:

Miss the old metal bring me the horizon… they changed to fit the agenda

This song really resonates with me. The whole song i feal like that but The line, make love to a chainsaw, really hits hard for me

This new bring me the horizon album is a jam! I’ve listened twice today already haha

Going to my va appointment makes me want to make love to a chainsaw lmao

Please do 1x1 also by Bring Me The Horizon

you should listen to the song Lost it’s another great song

Please please react to Like Moths to Flames- What Do We See When We Leave This Place? Their entire new album is dealing with mental health but that might just be the most poignant song I’ve ever heard :broken_heart:

Probably in my top two from the new album alongside Dig it would love to see a reaction to that as well

Day six of requesting outro and intro 3 by NF

Love youre reactions!! They help me understandig myself and my thoughts better. Thank you for that :slight_smile:
Please react also to “Dig it” from this Album!

Actually its Narcotics Anonymous = N/A.

Favorite song of the album, No Doubt

NA meeting…

Now you’re gonna need some therapy

Check out Dig It. Really spoke to me…

My favorite song from the new album!