Therapist Reacts to Troubles by Ren

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics to Troubles by Ren and discusses the importance of hope. And the truth is that hope can not just exist in spite of pain but because of it and often the most powerful hope comes from pain. Often pain is the foundation for the most beautiful things in life.

A Continuation of The Tale of Jenny and Screech (inspired by Ren):

Therapist Reacts to Richard’s Tale (inspired by Ren):

Ren talks about excalibur in Murderer I believe?

:+1:Ren keeps it real. :vulcan_salute::heart:

I really would like to see your reaction to his Chapter series. They are on hit channel renmakesthings.

share to download - lets get this message out there - lets make this played everywhere

the speed of this reaction, yes. Love it

Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur of Camelot which is believed to be in Wales where Ren is from.

Great reaction, as usual.
One song that always “thaws” me is the Mtv unplugged version of A-Ha Take on me.
It gets me every time.

Rens chapters there are 8 of them please check them out ,Thank you for reacting to this one always love your reactions and breakdown :heart::heart::heart:

That video you did with Richard’s Tale was amazing. Thank you.

So amazing… love your reactions! Ren is truly special! Thank you for your beautiful words!

Thank you so much for reacting to Ren and also helping me in life to take one step further.

You gotta check out One Eyed Doll

I’m so glad that Ren has found the way out, because he is a lyrical genius with a tragic story few bring to light. Ren is magic.

Talks about Excalibur in MURDERER. Pull Excalibur right out the stone

I hate to ask you to watch this… “Joyner Lucas - I’m Sorry”… get ready to cry tho…

Que pena, no?..

Can u please react to sepultura :thinking::fire:

After having listened to Ren’s Chapter Series Intently and multiple times, this track just encapsulates his story so well and serves as musical accompaniment for The Chapters. Ren’s experiences are very familiar to me to say the least, as is often the case with many of his supporters. Ren’s success is so deserved and I do truly hope it continues. Ren is the medicine many of us need. So raw and vibrant in color, combined with his naturally emotive performance! Indeed Ren…Your Limo has finally arrived.

mmmm “your pain will be exactly what your purpose needs”. damn that line hit me hard. just lost my paps after a 2 yr battle with brain cancer, I lost myself during that time and felt lost in life for a while now. Those few words put alot of thoughts of mine into alignment and perspective. <3 Thankyou. keep shining, you touch corners you don’t even know exist.