Sometimes every day is a struggle can you relate t

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Sometimes every day is a struggle. Can you relate to this? Share how in the comments by tagging @heartsupport


Oh definitely. Life gets hard sometimes man

Very true! Some days can be very tough! Y’all are the best!:metal:

Amazing words, thank you :raised_hands::heart:

8-12 months into sobriety were the darkest of my life and idk how i got through it but i knew my nana shell needed me and that helped me through. I remembered that i have people in my life that love me.
Ending the stigma of “I’m fine” with small talk is just something that def needs to end. Please just actually respond the way you feel cause most people can relate on some level and then it opens them up too. Even if is a complete stranger checking you out at a gas station :black_heart:

:raised_hands::raised_hands: thank you for being real and for doing what you need to do for you. End the stigma 🩵🩵

Needed this :black_heart:============

So true. Good to talk about struggles, traumas, to professional and to share with all. It just might help someone and know they are not alone

Life is hard . Stay strong , and cry when you need to. Nothing More music got me through 6 weeks of chemo and radiation treatments. Some dark times for sure .

Que guapo ets fill=======

:black_heart: I can relate to this so much.

I get so overwhelmed and being a musician is, financially and among many other things, a dumb thing to do. And lately I don’t believe I’ll ever get anywhere and that I’m wasting my time for nothing. I usually take a break. Hard restart. Get back to the basics. And, yes, being grateful is the first thing I do. Recount all the good things, briefly remember harder times and overcoming them. It’s way better than I make it out to be and I don’t want to be self centered. It makes for a very miserable life. Thank you for sharing! I appreciate it when people are honest about their lives!

Much love brother! You definitely are needed❤️

P.s. the song Jenny is my favorite song you guys have for reasons.:broken_heart::pray::heartpulse: thank you.

My hardest moment. The call that my best friend was gone. We were 39 yrs old. I was driving on a busy street in Fort Wayne and my husband started to talk and I cut him off that I had these calls from some number I don’t know but i called back and its some guys voice but that they kept calling while I was in class(was back in school and this was not 2 months out from my husband’s cardiac arrest and me having to do cpr on him and all that happened that night)…he asked if I could stop driving a moment so I pulled to side of road…he started telling me and I just hung up on him snd called her mom. Her mom answered the phone and I said her name and that it was Cyndi…she just started crying saying our girls gone…too much to type after all that. So in 2 and a half months my husband nearly died, my best friend did and in between I got horrible news that I can’t go into. If you don’t talk about these things that happened to you to somebody and you bury them they will resurface later…yrs later in ugly ways. Robyn was my best friend since we were 12. I miss her every day. It was the darkest day of my life and eventually I had to talk about it. There’s been more but not enough time or room. Listen…between that and all my stuff as a kid…you have to go to therapy. It was best thing I ever did and its totally ok. I talked about it online constantly bc I will help break stigmas too!! Love to all of you! Sorry this is so long. Somebody needs you.

Music is my therapy and Nothing More is a huge part of my therapy.

I feel this. :broken_heart:===========

I myself have dealt with mental health issues but not as much as the people around me. I appreciate you being vocal about your struggles and being there for people who do struggle! You guys are one of the few bands who actually have REAL meaning in their songs that people can actually relate to. Thank you brother. :pray:

Never give up man !! Me too, music is my life and nothing like good music to make you feel good. And find ways to give love and receive love and yes be grateful. It’s like a storm they come and go. But there is a bigger picture why things happen. But there is always something good in everything that’s happens. Truly and it is Mind over matter. Everyone can do it. Much love to you and your family.