Therapist Reacts - Not Without my Ghost by The Amity Affliction

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Our very own Taylor is a therapist. She also loves all things metal music. So we thought let’s take both of those things and start a therapist reacts series!

In this video Taylor is reacting to Not Without my Ghosts by The Amity Affliction

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Loving these “Therapist Reacts” videos! Keep 'em coming!

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Therapist from the UK here. Loving this series. Maybe do ‘The Atlantic’ by Sleep Token next? Or DYWTYLM by the same band?

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Can you react to Like Love by the Amity Affliction? It was written for the clean singer after his friend (Sean Kennedy, also was in a band) killed himself. The video is really intense

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This series is awesome, please keep making more videos like this! :heart:

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You need to react to all of Amity’s work. Please

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More of this! Amity Affliction is excellent and this is great content.

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Thank you for this!:heart: definitely do more reactions to these guys. Drag the Lake was where they got me hooked. Each song is that song for someone out there. Having you explain the songs connects them even deeper and proves we are not alone…

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Thanks for the amazing video, you made me cry until my shirt collar soggy and I needed it I think maybe I ever have my whole life. I’m excited to get up tomorrow and share this with a couple other people I know will also come apart over it! It’s a cause too often left behind and I’ve never heard anyone put the ideas out there in that light, but in fairness, I never do any type of “therapy” either. I’ve never thought of a therapist as a fellow passenger on the struggle bus, and that hit as hard as the song. Thanks a million! Take care!

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honestly loved your reaction, i enjoy reactions and i enjoy hearing about this music through a therapist lens, and i agree that this song is actually pretty positive, one of their strongest songs from an emotional point of view for me is I Hate Hartley but there is also positivity in that song too, i do agree with you about acceptance

would love to see you react to earth callers song alone, its always been a very powerful song to me

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When you said it feels like there a dark cloud over you for so long you forget what the sun looks like. Thanks doc😭now I’m balling my tears out because that’s spot on. Been listening to TAA for a little bit, fairly new to metal as well. Found them and for the first time in over a year I was able to get this feeling out of my self that was just pure anger aimed at no one. So they have been helping a lot and had the worst news in a while hit me yesterday at work. But as weirdly as the universe or whatever works I find out that TAA is having a meet and greet in my town 17 mins away. Finding that out was the best news I’ve gotten for well over a year.
Anyway if anyone got this far into this rant I’m sorry, don’t have anyone else to tell this too that I went from my lowest feeling in well over a year to the happiest within a few hours.
Hope for the best for anyone down here reading❤️

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i remember when i had 13-15 years old listening TAA chasing ghosts, oh my god, good times…

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You hit it dead on. Great reaction and analysis. I would love to have you as a therapist, you seem to address these issues in a way that could help me and alot of people.

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They are university educated, amity is emotion… its tell you something.

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This song been on repeat for awhile :heart::ghost:

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