Therapist reacts to Breaks Stuff by Limp Bizkit

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Break Stuff to by Limb Biskit to discuss the reality that people often use external destruction as a way to try to manage internal destruction and pain. The therapist encourages listeners to instead visualize themselves breaking down the internal things that get in the way of them reaching for healing.


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“Everything’s Wrong” by All That Remains :pray: Loving the content.

A lot of cameos in the video. Awesome video and awesome reaction as always!

Thts how i feel every day i just have tht feeling every day

This song is cool like how everyone is singing with him it’s cool but yeah hope your ok and hope I can be your client one day your so beautiful and cool

Love the reaction but we need more NF intro 1, intro2 , intro3 and outro please people skip over them but its especial for the NF journey please!!

Korn “Faget” (about Jon being bullied in school).

My plumber said he went to a Limp Bizkit concert back in the day that was at some kind of fair. The main food being sold was turkey legs. He said as soon as the chorus started there were turkey legs everywhere. In the air, all over people, just mass turkey chaos.

бля это ЛЕГЕНДА!!!..

I don’t know what I love more, the song itself or the amazing cameos in the video :joy:

always love your real reactions and also combining that with the theme of the music to help others understand some deep mental problems and emotions going on, youve helped me with it quite a bit, thank you!

Listening to this, singing and even being in a mosh pit. Gives a great release of pressure

Please react to a lesser known video “The truth” by Limp Bizkit.

Love to see you do Deftones like Change

Jonathan Davies of Korn was the guy packing a chainsaw with Fred.

Thank you for reacting to the non-censored version!

see them play this live you will never forget it the fans go crazyyyyyyyyyyy

Love your content because you seem to love a lot of what’s played, rocking out, dancing, while offering your professional insight. The Cameos here are great and side note, this song is what made Woodstock 99 Boil over…mud, poor sanitation, corporate greed, they channeled this song and just lost it. Maybe check out the Woodstock version either on your own or here. Keep the good stuff coming, you’re. A different twist to a sea of reactors.

Can you do intro 3 from NF

When she said the destruction inside of you outside just clicked in my brain. I never thought about it from angle. It just makes sense to me