Therapist Reacts to LEAVE ME ALONE by NF

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Leave Me Alone by NF to discuss doubt and the way it can feel like it threatens to overwhelm and consume us. We often spend a lot of energy trying to fight all of our doubt at once, and like the song suggests it can be helpful to face and release the doubt one doubt balloon at a time.

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This is one of my favorite songs curious to see how you like it

:grin::heart_on_fire::heart_on_fire::heart_on_fire::100: as always! :smirk::woman_shrugging::v::heart_hands::people_hugging:


You would absolutely love “Mansion.” It’s the song that essentially creates NF’s universe. If you like analogies, that’s the one.

Suggests reactions to the NF song Mansion , you will get to know him better.

You need to do a reaction to a song called "To Be a Man by Dax (feat. Darius Rucker). This song hits me so hard and I feel like it needs to be spread more than it has been.

FYI – The balloons represent his ‘burdens’ – in this case ‘doubt’ is one of his ‘burdens’. They are referenced both in the lyrics and through videos. As a lot of people pointed out in the original video NF links all of his videos together essentially and has been telling an ongoing ‘story’ since the first video that he continues to weave in with each video. He is the king of callbacks. I really hope you get through a lot of this older stuff before jumping into HOPE or you’ll miss literally a decade of callbacks. NF doesn’t do anything by accident. If there’s something in the video you don’t understand it’s either him linking to something in the past or foreshadowing something we’ll see soon.

This is the girl from Heroes!

Definitely need to do Mansions, everyone else that said it is right.

He sent Fame the song Leave Me Alone so Fame said the song sucks

I love your energy when you listen to these powerful songs. As someone that’s dealt with depression for over 20 and multiple attempts at suicide, music like this truly resonates deeply with my soul. A lot of people like these tunes just because they have a good beat and a catchy hook, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But it is nice that you break it down for people that may be struggling to understand mental health. Thank you

You for sure have to check out Mansion and therapy session!

Do Mansion…

You’re kind of on the right track with the balloons doubt is probably one of them but the balloons represent his burdens everything anxiety depression doubt anger fear

If you like the personification of Fame, youll love the personification of Fear in Intro 3

omg i love this sooo much. this song was mz alarm through whole high school lol

Cant wait for her to react to therapy session

I love this reaction! I agree with others that I’d love to see your reaction and thoughts to his song called “Mansion.”

Very Nice. Mansion by NF is the next you need to react to.