Therapist reacts to Staind - It's Been A While

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of It’s been a while by Staind to discuss how it being a while can actually be a hopeful thing because it means that at some point the things you want now were a reality. It means it’s an accessible feeling the individual is seeking, which is easier than starting from scratch.

Second!! Can you please react to the band Hatebreed. “Destroy Everything”, “defeatist”, “I will be heard”, “seven enemies” all excellent songs in my opinion.

To the flowers by While she sleeps is really good.

If i had to suggest a song, id say State of my head by Shinedown

You should check out citizen soldier

Another good video…dang it’s been so long since I have listened to this song. Crazy to think how long it’s been out now already. Still can’t wait for you to do some more Ren, especially his song with Chincilla, “Chalk Outlines”. The verses/message in there I think will blow you away, and can’t wait to see how you interpret it.

Is there any way you could react to Motionless In White songs “Black Damask” “Hatefuck” “Voices” “Disguise” or Slipknot’s “AOV”

Next staind song you should check out is mudshovel. The entire dysfunction album is a masterpiece!

Hey, can you check out:
Filter - Where Do We Go From Here

For the next video, it’s… uhm… just check it out, you gonna love that song :heart:

This man should have kept his politics out of the public. Ruined a great band, and someone I respected as a musician. Poor Aaron.

I found what was…and it never left me! I’ll always keep the advice that was given to me by a wise old man in my life…“Every choice you make will affect not just your life, but he lives of those around you! So, take your time, think first, and make a wise choice focused on others and that will ultimately take care of your needs too.”

Very Nickelback sorry…

Despite their band name, Hatebreed is a band you should check out. They spew positivity in pretty much every song. “Defeatist”, “I Will Be Heard”, “To The Threshold”, “This Is Now” & SO MANY others. Check them out! Enjoyed your reaction. I used to listen to “It’s Been Awhile” SO MUCH back in the day. Keep up the GREAT work! :metal::metal::metal:

React to some songs from Deja Entendu from Brand New!

Do Closer to the edge from thirty seconds to mars :heart::heart: they didn’t make people feel alone as well :palms_up_together:t2:

Craziest song i ever heard dance with the devil by immortal technique

You should do intro 2 by NF there are some crazy references in it

Lost and Lonely acoustic version is phenomenal by him, its about him going to rehab.

@heartsupport that feeling of coming out of a deep depression is such an amazing feeling

Ok lady. Im 39 and i had my first relationship last year. It was good at start, but than things happen, pointing that she dont wana be with me anymore. After few months we broke. I didnt acomplish much in life. Could only love. But love seems is not enough. And now i just gave up. I dont think i can feel the love anymore, like i feeled it before, and like i was so proud with it before. Cause that was one of the little things i been proud of. Accourding to guys like J. Petterson, in this day and age , and in that situation , im fucked up. I should feel lucky if someone ever want to meet with me, and should feel lucky if i give up of the idea to end it. But i just push people away and isolate myself. So, that is. And btw, Staind are great band, rock and melodic, one of my fav combos. Other theyr great songs are Zoe Jane, Epiphany, Fill me up, Save me. Have a good day