Therapist reacts to Slipknot “Wait And Bleed”

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Still my favorite album by them love all songs in there, congrats for the channel

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“I wander out where you can’t see, inside my shell I wait and bleed.” - its like I am moving to a space that you don’t even know exists because you don’t see it in front of you. and yeah it is still painful and lonely but bleeding is what starts the healing process when you are cut. The blood coagulates forming a scab and if left alone to heal it will scar. Making that particular area stronger than it was before.

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Definitely should listen to Fade to Black by Metallica

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I really appreciate you venturing out into the rabbit hole of Slipknot’s music. I have another one for you from them called Killpop. That song is amazing and I would love for you to dissect that song. Much love. Rock out!!

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I love your metal reactions you are so on point… I need this thank you

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lol…I am so glad you enjoy Slipknot, but I highly recommend you some reading of the history of Heavy Metal. It goes as far back as
1970 with Black Sabbath with their debut Album “Black Sabbath”. This genre has had many angry mothers calling the genre as
devil worshipping, sadistic, evil, weird and just plain garbage, but the genre is intended to scare and entertain people like a horror movie.
but I think it is modern art.

You have to react to Slipknot Snuff and Dead Memories

scissors,the burden, a liars funeral

Ojalá tus videos estuvieran en español. Saludos desde Argentina

Corey is a master at subliminal messaging! I’ve never thought of his lyrics in the way you do, its always just been good music.

Metal is cathartic to me. And its for the reasons you state. Metal hits on and goes over realy dark and nasty subjects and situations. Ones that we shy from in normal conversation, if only to avoid people treating you different (my personal reason for not going over hard subjects, I hate being pitied). But its never about being the victim and wollowing. Its about power and strength and the will to find a way forward despite the horrible situation.

god this song still rips.

Nobody care how we feel!.

Рожа такая будто срать хочет хочет

mb you would like also some songs from Falling In Reverse, like "Popular monster, “Voices in my head”, “Watch the world burn”

The masks actually mean a lot to them. Jim wears the jester mask because he’s a joker. Craig notoriously does not speak and his spikes kept people at a distance. Mick just wants left alone and his is obviously based on Jason, in fact he originally wore Jason’s hockey mask. Paul wore the pig mask because he was indulgent, and he OD’d in 2010. Chris’s Pinocchio mask becomes relevant right after that. Sid’s perma-fried on acid, he just does whatever he wants. His last mask was just a mask of his own face and he seems to be a robot now.

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The OG self titled masks were their best IMHO because of how genuinely creepy they all were. They got super elaborate and high end after that but these masks absolutely fit the mood of the S/T album

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I really like how you can see the link between this sort of music and how it can help in the “conquering of your demons”. Corey Taylor’s lyrics seem to come straight from his soul and when you can identify with what he is singing about it is a tremendously cathartic experience. That linked with the outrageous sound, energy and yes the masks that is Slipknot is in my view one of the ultimate forms of therapy and no medication needed. It’s as though you know your not alone in your suffering and it provides a healthy outlet for the anger that can eat away at you from the inside. I speak from experience.
I am a nurse on a paediatric ward and we are seeing a massive increase in teenage mental health which we are not really trained to deal with. I never really know what to say to them to make them feel better. I sometimes think that if they listened to stuff like this they might have had a chance to deal with their problems like I did. Rather than prescribing them prozac etc maybe we should get them to listen to some Slipknot, Linkin Park or SOAD. And yes I am being serious.

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I would highly recommend you take a listen to the band Ghost…start with the song Dance Macabre or Square Hammer.

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