Feeling like you re going through struggles alone

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Feeling like you’re going through struggles alone can be a heavy burden. But knowing you’re not can make such a difference. Can you relate? Share in the comments by tagging @heartsupport and we’ll provide encouragement! Skillet

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I’m just gonna say, for a lot of us who are and have been in weird places with our faith, a lot of John’s rhetoric about deconstruction has caused a lot of oversimplification and fear mongering on a topic that really needs more compassion. And that’s not to say anything about his rhetoric against people who don’t fit into his socio-political worldview. I get Skillet is popular, and no judgment if you like them, but I don’t think this is someone who you want represent what Heart Support is about.

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I’m just gonna say, for a lot of us who are or have been in weird places with our faith, John’s rhetoric does harm by creating an atmosphere of fear-mongering, oversimplifying a complex topic where a lot more compassion and reflection is needed. And that’s not to say anything about his rhetoric toward people who don’t fit into his socio-political worldview. I get that Skillet is super popular, and no judgment if you guys like him and his band, but honestly I don’t think he’s someone you want representing what Heart Support is about, if you truly want this to be a mental health outreach to everyone, no matter their walk of life.

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John is a legend within Christian rock.

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This band used to go so hard

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Beautiful man :pray::+1:t3:========

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@heartsupportwall @skilletmusic Today, after another conversation with the man who gave birth to me (I don’t want to call her mother anymore), I once again thought about suicide. She tried to convince me again that everything I do and plan is nonsense, she tried to manipulate me, tried to mock me. And I went out of my way not to cry in front of her…

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I nearly ended it all in my middle school years: got bullied daily in front of the teachers and they did care til I fought back then I was the one who got in trouble. I’m disabled with Spina Bifida, A.D.D and seizures and they were at their worst at that time. Then I got yelled at by my parents fir the slightest thing because they were in their final year of marriage. I’m 35 now and have a travel channel on YouTube and tik tok

I have struggled with anxiety for some time now due to the bullying I faced alone back in High school as if I was a freak, and listening to music was my way of feeling inner peace within myself. Listening to songs like ‘Monster’ by Skillet is one of the songs that can make me feel a lot better and happier.:metal: Love you Skillet, always have done since I was little wheny big brother played your song ‘Hero’ to me for the first time.:black_heart:

:clap:t2::clap:t2::heart::fire::boom: You’re the best.=

Monster will always be my favorite Skillet song. Living with cerebral palsy is not easy but this song lets me express how I feel sometimes. Thank you @johnlcooper and @skilletmusic for creating this song :guitar:

You safed my life with your music. I had sucidial thoughts also tried to kill myself. At this time a good friend showed me your music and i realized that im not alone. You really helped me to change my life and started to ask for help. I went to a therapist. When i went to my first skillet concert i started to cry because of all these emotions. I realized that it was the right choice to ask for help. Thank you very much that you and your music safed me and my life​:heart::heart:

Love Skillet. Thanks for everything you did for us. :clap:t2:

I have not been right lately. My medical issues have taken the best of me. I was doing so well and bouncing back from my medical problems and then the rug just swept me from underneath my feet. I’ll be facing new territory now that I’m losing my job. My daughter and I will be going to our 9th Skillet concert this Friday. I’m not even looking forward to it. What has become of me. Skillet @heartsupport

One of my absolute faves!!

Also there’s apparently a men’s mental health month which is apparently this month


This song along with angles came into my life at the exact moments I needed I’m awake and very much alive today because of the music you guys have blessed the world with. There’s no words to decribe how thankful I am that God kept you on your path so that one day he could speak to me through your songs to save me from myself. I have been married for 8 years now and have 5 step children and 3 of my own. God bless and we can’t wait for you to come back to Canada will be bring the kids along next time​:metal::heart::index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Yes I can relate to this song! It helps a lot to know that you are not alone. :raised_hands:

I thought Christians didn’t believe in mental health?:thinking: