Therapist reacts to How Could You Leave Us by NF

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of How Could You Leave Us by NF to discuss the pain of losing someone and the complexity of grief, especially when losing someone to addiction. Taylor invites listeners to use the song as a way to process their many layers of grief and to sing the parts that they are working through the loudest.

@heartsupport This is genuinely turning into one of my favourite channels due to the content and your reactions.

I’d like to recommend “Poet and the Pendulum” live at Wembley by Nightwish. It is not the normal song people start with when it comes to Nightwish, however it is the song that suits this channel the most as it deals with depression and struggle. It was written by Nightwish’s song writer the keyboardist Tuomas during the hardest time in the bands history and he basically ended his life in the song to stop himself doing it in real life, however the new song finishes positively with a new beginning. It is one of the best written pieces of music you will come across and is broken into Acts. I won’t say more about it.

Nightwish hold the record for most reacted song in YouTube history with “Ghost Love Score” (normally what people start their Nightwish journey with. However, as previously mentioned, “Poet” suits this channel perfectly, especially if the research is done on the songs meaning beforehand.

“Why would you leave us”…. because shit happens. To all involved. And then you die.

Oh no, here we go…

NF is a lyrical genius imo. this song hits very close to home for me, and its probably one of my favorites by Nate.
i think you could listen to Intro III next maybe because in that song Nate sings/raps from both his and Fears (mentioned in Mansion “Fear came to my house years ago, i let him in”) perspective, and it makes the most sense if youve just listened to mansion (you could listen to the other 2 intros too, but they arent as connected to Mansion.)

and if you want some songs from other random artists/bands (including more by NF), here are a few (and by a few i mean quite a lot) in no particular order that you can check out if you want to:

Rule #4 - Fish in a Birdcage [by Fish in a Birdcage]
Rule #21 - Momento Mori [by Fish in a Birdcage]

Take Me To Church [by Hozier]
Arsonist’s Lullabye [by Hozier]

Marsha, Thankk You for the Dialectics, but I Need You to Leave [by Will Wood]
Tomcat Disposables [by Will Wood] (keep in mind that this song is on surface level about a mouse, but ofc there is more meaning the deeper you look)
Willard! [by Will Wood]
I / Me / Myself [by Will Wood]
BlackBoxWarrior - OKULTRA [by Will Wood] (sounds like a bunch of rambling at first, but it makes more sense towards the end)
Love, Me Normally [by Will Wood]
Half-Decade Hangover [by Will Wood]
White Noise [by Will Wood]
…well, better than the alternative [by Will Wood]
Against the Kitchen Floor [by Will Wood]
Euthanasia [by Will Wood]
Um, it’s Kind of a Lot [by Will Wood]

Jimmy Mushrooms’ Last Drink: Bedtime in Wayne, NJ [by Will Wood and the Tapeworms]
Hand Me My Shovel, I’m Going In! [by Will Wood and the Tapeworms]
Skeleton Appreciation Day in Vestal NY (Bones) [by Will Wood and the Tapeworms]
Thermodynamic Lawyer Esq, G.F.D. [by Will Wood and the Tapeworms]
Lysergide Daydream [by Will Wood and the Tapeworms]
Cotard’s Solution (Anatta, Dukkha, Anicca) [by Will Wood and the Tapeworms]
Dr. Sunshine Is Dead [by Will Wood and the Tapeworms]

That Funny Feeling [by Bo Burnham]
Art Is Dead [by Bo Burnham]
All Eyes On Me [by Bo Burnham]
From God’s Perspective [by Bo Burnham]
Welcome to The Internet [by Bo Burnham]

WHY [by NF]
Trauma [by NF]
Paralysed [by NF]
Hate Myself [by NF]

Suic*de [by Ren]
Masochist [by Ren]
Seven Sins [by Ren]
Lost All Faith [by Ren]
Chalk Outlines [by Ren, feat. CHINCHILLA]

Teen Idle [by MARINA]
The Family Jewels [by MARINA]

Coming Down [by Five Finger Death Punch]
Wrong Side of Heaven [by Five Finger Death Punch]

i would recommend researching a bit about some songs (specifically by WW and WWaTT) before and/or after listening to them so they make more sense because they can have some weird and complicated lyrics that can be a bit hard to understand :))

loving all the reactions!<33

I was 11 last time I saw my mom! Never sober! Mama is a great next song!

We were waiting for you to get to this one

@heartsupport I grew up never really knowing my biological father, I met him one time when I was 5 and didn’t know who he was. My mother gave me up to my grandmother around that same time because she was too mentally unstable to raise a child. Two years ago, I cut her out of my life after years of emotional neglect, wasted effort, and just never being supported by her. Never been happier to be honest, but it does sometimes make me sad that it had to come to that

So I feel this song so much harder than basically any other song

Got my kleenex ready :cry:

Goin on 6 years sober and this song kills me because that was almost my niece and nephew singing this about me. It was after my mom passed and I saw how devastated they were that I told myself I’m not leaving them so I got clean. I got clean because I needed to but I stay clean for them

I don’t know if you’re doing the full journey or bouncing around. If you’re bouncing around, you should really react to his more recent song called Mama. It really reflects his growth in his grieving process. If you’re going in order, you’ll get to it eventually. It’ll just be a long time later.

Listen to Mama. Written years later. He’s forgiven her. He’s grown. What an amazing character arc for NF we get to see. It’s profound incredible art.

Now after watching this song, Mansion, Therapy Session, Let you down… Re-watch the song Hope and it makes more sense! And Now react to NF Mama where he now forgives his mom!

You absolutely have to listen to “Mama” next! It doesn’t ruin the journey or anything. 7 years had passed between these two songs and NF is in a better place mentally. At the time he recorded “Mama” he had a son. And recently he now also has a daughter. It’s an awesome way to see how time changes perception. Please listen to this next! Can’t wait to watch!

Get the tissues out…

The disappearing smile at the start😅, but you should listen to “Mama” next it’s the sequel to this one long period between the two but shouldn’t ruin the journey for you!

He kicked everyone out of the studio for the ending and just lost it

You should check out vexed- it’s not the end

NF-HOPE next?..

I strictly only listen to this song if I’m watching a reaction, I do not listen to it on my own anymore period.

At the end where he is talking to his mom he cleared the studio out and asked to be left alone. It was literally just him only in the vocal booth just talking to him mom :sob:

I agree do Mama next! It doesn’t mess the journey up but it is a good closure after this song.