Therapist reacts to Left Behind by Slipknot

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of “Left Behind” by Slipknot to discuss what it feels like to lose someone to suicide and how the song gives us a lense to move through those feelings which often start with anger and end with despair. We can listen to this song and use it as a call to process the pain of behind left behind by those we love and use it to move forward toward a place of using the pain for our purpose.

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Can you react to sissors next

PLease do the music video of My Plague next ^^ it’s kick ass ^^

I remember seeing this music video when I was a kid and I was so confused as to what was going on lol

Wait and bleed…

I can relate as well! Next month will mark a year since I lost both my 100-year-old grandmother and my childhood tutor! I was diagnosed with autism ADHD since the age of the year and a half! When I lost them both my entire world to crumbling down and still feels that way in some places! Much like this song, I can definitely say I definitely felt left behind! Scary world to be right now as a consequence of these tragedies! Watching this, definitely gave me closure! All I can say is thank you! You have absolutely no idea how much these videos and explanations are genuinely helping me right now! Truly, thank you! :black_heart::wilted_flower:

The emotion Corey can interpret in his voice is unique, I would really like if you listen to Purity by them, it’s a storytelling dark song

People=Shit, it will be really cool reaction😂

Iowa is by far their best album to date. Love you’re going down that rabbit hole

do a video dressed as a metaler :metal: you need a battle jacket pmsl :joy:

do Gently from Iowa :slight_smile: very calm song, very not creepy and doesn’t get angry.

You should react to “Falling away from me” by Korn!

Listen to liberate…

This whole album was music written by depression and addiction and performed by nine dudes that all fucking hated each other.

On a side note; this video is 11 minutes and 11 seconds long. For us spiritual types (Christian or otherwise; for example I am a universal spiritualist) that is what is known as an Angel number. 11 11 is the pinnacle of all angel numbers and its synchronicity meaning is that of “you are on the right path and spirit is working with you”. For anyone who may need that confirmation from the universe today, there it is. Much love and light and luck to you all. :heartpulse::star2::four_leaf_clover:

Please do ,Virus of life” next

Wait til you find ‘Gently’

Slipknot killpop!..

You should react too Iowa the last song my word you love it 15:05 long dam

You should react to Disasterpiece or Purity…