Therapist reacts to Happy? by Mudvayne

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Happy? by Mudvyne to discuss how painful it can be to feel like you give everything to someone and it’s still not enough. The person in the song sings to someone who took everything and they ask are you happy now, the therapist invites listeners to turn the song around to themselves and question if they are giving too much, if they are happy in the relationship or if the cost is too high.

I’m here for it, Mudvayne has some great music!

Get mud in them vaynes…

Sway by Coal Chamber…

My favorite Mudvayne song!!

You are great
Please do “all that you are” from mudvayne next please

You should consider doing there world so cold next.

Some other Mudvayne tunes to check out would be IMN and Death Blooms. Both fairly gnarly in their own ways.

DIG (Live Ozzfest 01’) is absolutely brutal!!! Happy is the friendlier version of that song haha

Their ‘Dig’ is a must…

As a Metal , Deathcore , etc , etc fan, this channel is awesome, her reactions and interpretations of the song is amazing i also love when she is curious or freak by something in the video and she puts funny faces. LOL
Please more reactions of Tool! or Meshuggah.

Adema- giving in…

Hey there Taylor. It’s me again Ian. Just was wondering if u could review the Fear Factory so Fear Campaign. I really think u might enjoy it. It’s very heavy so be warned… lol. Love the channel!!

Please check out ‘Without you / Without us’ by Whitechapel.

You should check out vexed- it’s not the end

Gotta admit, her final thoughts of the song just left me speechless. I’ve never thought about it that way.
Thank you so much for the insight on this one.

I listened to Mudvayne every day when I had time while deployed in Iraq! They were an escape from the BS going on around me! Every track they ever recorded saved my life! I Love this band!

Been a fan of them since 2001. Their best tracks are all off of their first album, LD 50. I recommend Severed, Death Blooms, Nothing to Gein, Cradle, Dig, and -1. Their second album has some great tracks too: Not Falling, Mercy, Severity, Trapped in the Wake of a Dream, World So Cold, and Skrying.

I actually asked Nate to have you do this one for me so thank you both! Loved the breakdown and analysis, Thank You!

This helped with a lot of dark times.