Therapist Reacts to The Grudge by Tool

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of The Grudge by Tool to discuss how often when bad things happen to us and we hold a grudge they often happen because we didn’t have a CHOICE. This song shows us that now we do have a choice to hold onto the grudge and face the consequences of that or let go.


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Love your videos! Keep them coming!

Second. Love how you vibe Taylor and you and Tool are a perfect combination. Keep 'em coming and Spiral out.

great song!!! LET’S GOOO!

DO ALL OF TOOL! They’re my favorite band. I’d love to hear what you think of Judith by APC. Maynard sings for them as well as Tool in case you didnt know.

Check out Hickory Creek by Whitechapel <3

You did one of the most requested from Tool
Next stop: doing one of the most requested (if not the most requested) from A Perfect Circle (one of Maynard’s other projects) - The Outsider, which talks about suicide and how people perceive suicide

Love it , you should check out a perfect circle kindred next

the whole album is one big story like all there albums just read the lyrics from the first album all the way intel now and its ONE BIG FAIRY TALE BOOK about how we are killing earth in real time

Wings for Mary Part 2 10,00 Days would love to hear your take on it. Tool videos are the best

Please react to their song Pushit

Overdue for Tool - Pushit. Album version. Toxic relationship song

Tool has been the consistent thread throughout my life. With each version of myself the lyrics have had many meanings.

Holding a grudge is sticking up for yourself and holding the other person accountable for their wrongs. Grudges are a personally valuable aspect.

WooHoo! The Grudge! Let it go! This song is so powerful! The world and society encourage grudges, don’t believe them, it will drag you down to the “the Bottom” (Tool song). The album opened my eyes, mind and heart, it continues to help me on the path to maturity and individuation. Spiral out! :cyclone::cyclone::cyclone:

Please do KoRn-Dirty from the album Issues

Please, RUNAWAY TRAIN - SOUL ASYLUM, would be a GREAT react

This was awesome. This album has a ton of occultism behind it fyi. Aleister Crowley stuff etc. I believe Saturn ascends/returns pertains to the 28/29 yr orbit of Saturn, and how at ages 28/29, 56/57, etc your life comes to some kind of a turning point and you need to choose. 1 or 10 pertains to the 10 sephiroth of Kabbalah. Turning lead to gold also pertains to alchemy and spiritual transmutation, Freemason stuff. Or something like that. PLEASE DO PUSHIT!!!

I always hear something new when I listen to Tool, but especially whenever you break the songs down. It’s really helped me understand why I listen to the music that I do and what purpose it serves for me. It’s been really eye-opening for me and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Thank you for this great video! Could you make a reaction video to “Make me Bad” by Korn?