Therapist reacts to The Tale of Jenny and Screech by Ren

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Therapist analyzes The Tale of Jenny and Screech by Ren to discuss to empower people to write their own story, to challenge individuals when they find themselves speaking the language of violence, and to remind others that context causes compassion. This trilogy by Ren is a powerful tale of intergenerational wounding and the impact it has on individuals and society.

And thank you for being an awesome content creator. I for one appreciate it very much.

Glad you’re reacting to this :blush:

Ren fans are like you family members. You love them to death but cannot rid yourself of them. Ren we love and hope lives FOREVER!

Hahaha…I knew this was coming…didn’t even bother to comment. Looking forward to this…sort of. It’s a rough one.

dejavu… didn’t you already do all three?

I’m pretty sure that the implication is that Jenny was a young prostitute. And Screech was a gang member. It’s really a tale of generational trauma… In my opinion.

Ren wrote Jenny’s tale after reading a newspaper article about a teenage streetwalker who was killed. The line “it’s such a shame” was in the article and Ren felt it was such an inadequate response to the situation. I think the others just grew out of Jenny’s tale.

I really can’t put to words how much I am loving your channel’s content - and the grace with which you handled the fervor of Ren’s community (of which I am a part).
Keep doing what you’re doing! It’s great and it helps.

Dollars to donuts - there is no way this is a first watch. I mean, I get the urge to do a react to something this powerful but, nah. No way.

now you know…welcome to the ShakespeariREN RENaissance…

dayum. glad I didn’t leave a comment about needing to watch all 3!

I always love Ren’s guitar work, but never more so than in the intro to Screech’s tale. The first part is slower and contemplative - as though Screech is in shock, thinking about what he’s done. Then we have the faster part, which instantly makes me think of Screech fleeing from the scene of the crime, running until he’s worn out and breathless. Setting the scene through music, without a single word.

Loved your passion in your reaction, and the way you broke this down. There are so many REN songs you need to experience. One that isn’t reacted to as much is Dominoes…. But definitely worth breaking down as it addresses some of the other issues faced by young girls and boys in the world today.

your energy is intoxicating and inspiring

2 0 0 5 is the year. You can google 2005, Paddington, murder and read the story.

Check out Money game part 3. The story is crazy

20 seconds in, and I love this channel even more. It’s so hard to find anyone who listens to the group and pivots so quickly in their approach.

Sam is just a genius as well as Ren

An old Ren song called “Crutch”. It was made before he was diagnosed so u can see his minset back then. Its an awesone and under appreciated song. I would love to hear a therapists pov of it. And his appearance and portrayal is moving