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What anxieties do you face but hesitate to share with others?? (Huge thanks to @therealmichaelvampire from @vampireseverywhereofficial for sharing his)

You can share too!! Comment below what anxieties you struggle with and tag @heartsupport we’ll reply with encouragement.

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I recommend shadow work.=

This is something people who’ve never had major anxiety or severe depression may never understand or empathize with. One of many reasons we suffer in silence. Growing up in a constant fight or flight state has caused muscle tension, tightness around chest, social anxiety & suicidal idiation for me personally. I’ve been of all anti-anxiety meds for 8 months. Learning how to feel these feelings and work through the root cause has been the hardest part for me. Yoga, breathwork, meditation & finding a support system to call with no judgment. :v::heart::sparkles:

I have that shit all the time it’s the worst. Anxiety can shift too. Sometimes it feels like derealization like I’m fading into nothingness and dying. Breathless or heart attack. It’s a great time. Nothing beats CBT therapy and mediation long term but here’s some things that help me. Drinking warm water relaxes the nervous system/ eases anxiety. Cold water to the face can trigger the dive response which can help slow breathing. The box breathing or 478 breathing method can help. Journaling your thoughts can help too. I do all of these things. Some great books: master of your anxiety and panic by treatments that work, the anxious truth. Hope you all are doing good.

Yeah I get sadness some days that feels like I cannot get out of it, and I will feel like things will never get better.

@therealmichaelvampire i suffer with Health Anxiety…inder therapy for this.The fear of catching things.it has resulted in OCD.

I’m really proud of Michael vampire my favorite lead singer band still alive. Never give up up your dreams dude we still love u :bat:

I also have anxiety sometimes when being intimate with others, due to traumas from a past relationship.

I have anxiety about my heart whenever it flutters/skips a beat (discovered I have a small heart condition) - it always fills me with dread that I might be having a heart attack or something

Me too when flying I have to have a drink before I get on a plane and can’t have coffee before flying either.

so nice to see i’m not alone :,p thanks for sharing 🫶🏻

@therealmichaelvampire Thank you for sharing :pray:

My anxiety stems from having a heart attack in 2020. Now any little thing that makes my heart start to beat faster I feel that I’m on my way to another heart attack. It’s a constant fear of mine.

Never seeing my daughter again, not just anxiety, large panic attacks

I get panic attacks. :cry: college gives me terrible anxiety

@therealmichaelvampire super proud of you for sharing your experiences and feelings. :black_heart:

Yeah. I remember having to calm you down a time or two. Love ya brotha.

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Oh I feel you. I have next level anxiety, even medicated it can be debilitating. There should be no stigma on anxiety or other disorders. Thanks so much for talking about it & being so candid. :heart: