Therapist Fades to Black | Metallica

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics to Fade To Black by Metallica to discuss suicidality and how the problem of suicidal thoughts and feelings is not the emotion itself but the ACTION the emotion points us in the direction of. If we can instead use that emotion to point us in the direction of something else we can say Goodbye to the pain and hello to something better.


Feels weird to be here first but here i am. I love your reactions. You should try listening to Second and Sebring by Of Mice and Men. Super emotional song. Or even some old Asking Alexandria for straight heavy screams and beautiful cleans

I used to sing this song when I worked at 3M as a tech aide. They made me sand metal strips for 4 hours straight every day while they did the intelligent work. My attitude was perceived as anti corporate values.

My favorite Metallica song! This was my jam in high school and beyond!

It’s been awhile by stained…

At last you did this one… This is my song…

Ironically, hetfield wrote this song when his amp that his mom gave him was stolen. That was his pain at the time

Favorite Metallica song…

“The Unforgiven” saga next!

The wife walked down the aisle to the opening of this song.
The entire thing will play at my funeral.

While I will always prefer live music to studio tracks, I think the live performance here actually distracts me from the haunting relatable pain in the original studio track. Probably not explaining it well. I think I just rock out to this and don’t feel it as deeply. Thanks for the reaction, though :heart:

Love this song so much!:heart: I’ve often wondered if anyone would miss me if I were gone…

One of my favorite songs from Metallica…you’re such a breath of fresh air to watch when you’re rocking. Beautiful inside and out.

Two things: 1) Kirk’s guitar lines have gotten so much better since this track was recorded 2) You may have saved a life today.

PLEASE ask someone how to move to Metal music!!

this song got me past a very dark period time in my life. it was able to give words to how i felt

Can you please react to the live version of “1:5” by Chinchilla and “Fo5 Joe” by Ren. Appreciate you

You reacting to all this great music makes me happy :blush:

Please do Megadeth as they are my favorite.

Please do “for whom the bell tolls” and “harvester of sorrow”