Therapist analyzes Su!cIde by Ren

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Ren’s song Su!cIde to discuss the importance of destigmatizing and speaking about suicide. When we speak about suicide instead of dancing around it, it becomes an invitation for people to explore the pain that often leads to individuals taking their lives.

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You have to get to Chalk Outlines and How To Be Me, both duets between Ren and Chinchilla. The live versions of each are both amazing.

Chalk Outlines (live) ft Chinchilla follow up!

Hit by ultimate poetry! That is how I would sumarize your reaction to second part of the song.

Dam dust in the air…

You are a beautiful person and reactor. Thank you.

Need to listen to “For Joe”

This song is perfect and it gets me every time.

You should listen to “For Joe.” Its the 2nd part of this song. Joe is Ren’s friend that jumped off the bridge.

:heart: thank you so much for sharing, it broke me all over again watching you experience it.

Ren will likely see this <3

That final section was written after Ren gave an interview with Knox Hill. Afterwards he realized the song was unfinished. He wrote that last section and recorded it live.

Thank you…

U have to check out Chalk Outlines the live version now. Its my favorite Ren song

U have to check out Chalk Outlines the live version now. Its my favorite Ren song

:cry: Thank you for your conversation informing us on how to support others.

You should check out “For Joe” next, it rly follows this up. Also just some added info. The last part of the song (the piano part) was added later and wasn’t planned originally. So the feeling you talked about with the 2 perspectives actually wasn’t far off at all. Also Ren on the night his friend commited was the person out of his friend group who lived the closest so he got a phone call telling him they thought his friend Joe was on the bridge close to him. So that part about running 5 minutes quicker is literal.

RIP Joe Hughes…

If you haven’t, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the song Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies .

xxx no more needs to be said.

First half is him talking about his own depression from being sick for so many years. Second half is about losing his friend Joe. Joe had called another friend saying he was on a bridge and going to jump. The friend called Ren, and he started running to the bridge. He estimates he was only a few minutes too late. Blamed himself for a long time even though there wasn’t anything he could have done. Survivor’s guilt.