All 27 Slipknot music videos say 1 thing…and it’s not what you expect

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Professional Therapist, Taylor Palmby, has analyzed all 27 Slipknot music videos and has come to a SINGLE conclusion about Slipknot. In this video, she walks you through the journey and immerses herself in the world of Slipknot, alerts you to what she found, and tells you why it matters. At the end of the video, she discusses how steeping herself in the blood and guts of Slipknot has affected her mental health.


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My favorite therapist!..

Thank you for sharing your story and making these videos :heart:

Thank you for sharing your story i always say that we all never heal we just learn to live with it, slipknot and metallica helped me out of some really dark situations i was going thru

One of my favourite bands of all time. Your analysis has been so beneficial for me and helped me find a direction for my own therapy moving forward.
Thank you for sharing your personal pain. This channel is incredible and means more to me than you could possibly know.
Thank you, thank you so much.

Such a powerful video, wow. Thank you for sharing your story and being vulnerable to us. We love you.

well, that was quite a session. thanks doc lol.

Hello my favorite therapist. Great song. So my 9th sober birthday is coming up June 28th and I would love to see u react to my favorite metal band Fear Factory and the song is Fear Campaign. I think it would be a good one. Because we all have fears in our lives that can control us. Whatever those fears are. Thanks for the channel

I was a huge Slipknot fan in middle school because I wanted to play runescape after school instead of focus on the pain of my homework and expectations from my parents.

Your explanation of the mask quite literally just brought me to tears. Your comprehension of Slipknot’s message is so very precise, perfect. I’ve been following here and there since your first experiences with Slipknot, and I’m so very glad that you took the initiative to do this. Corey Taylor inspired me to craft my own vocal talent and face my own demons and within a period of less than a year after I first started to deepdive Slipknot I went from being heavily emotionally reliant and addicted to THC vapes to quitting them and facing off against that adversarial side of myself to peel the dead skin away and reveal the better person inside. I’m still growing and recovering, but every day gets just a little better.

Slipknots songs literally help me to go through my hard life and face my biggest fears or solve the problems instead of sitting in a corner and cry and i can really say that theres been lots of time i have cried while listening to slipknots song and it actually leaves most people confused that why would i cry while listening to an aggressive screaming man but they dont know the feeling that its like He is screaming instead of Me while im going through the hardest times of my life.

Slipknot has always helped me through my anger issues and the trauma. Sometimes I would have days where my anger will get the best of me and I have to isolate myself so I don’t lash out at someone or say something that isn’t true. My anger can be overwhelming for other people and an unhealthy I used to do was keep it bottled up inside and it just made things worse. Music like Slipknot helped me feel like I will be okay.

Been to 4 different therapist and Been on and off so many different meds and nether things really helped.

We love you…

That one song is Pulse of the Maggots.

Wow… only took one song for me to be HOOKED! Slipknot is BPD to the core.

I’ll say this… I’ve gotten all kinds of shit for talking about my shit. Being famous is one thing, but folks tend to not want to hear it if you’re not.

The devil in I; is Anger, Betrayal and Pain of how I was abandoned/raised and all the friends who dropped me like a hot rock after so much generosity form me. slipknot and metal in general give a way to vent and brings people together to commiserate to get through those feelings without doing something stupid or harmful to one’s self or others.

Thank you for sharing. Such a powerful, and vulnerable video. Im a combat veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve been struggling with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety for 20 years now. It wasnt until recently did I seek out therapy, and my luck would have it I have a terrific doctor, and a wonderful team to help me. Slipknot over the years have helped with that simmering anger within me, and have made me realize Im not alone.

gracias por este hermoso video yo te amo desde mexico bye